The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced, and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at our California HQ and remotely. Compensation-Is in CloudCoins. *RAIDA network02 system administrators *Social Media pros and community managers *Marketers and PR experts *Content creators *Web developers *Filmmakers and video specialists *Graphic designers *Writers and bloggers *Attorneys/Paralegals *Grant Writers *Software developers/programmers *Software testers for all operating systems *Software solutions salespeople *Minecraft developers/modders *Electron programmers *HR/personnel professionals *Accounting/bookkeeping professionals


Subject: Our First Great "The Swarm" Offer Is...

Hi there,
We are in the preluanch phase. Payment methods/options will be made available as we get closer to launch. We will be adding an FAQ to the account back office to provide more information and will communicate additional information via email as well.

When our prelaunch ends the first major offer we provide to Swarm members involves something "everyone" uses--electricity. Unless you live in a tent (nothing wrong with tents) you most likely use energy. We are now working with a major energy group that is involved with many energy companies that are offering discounts that you would normally never have access to. No, we are not talking about energy from some guy with a gas generator in his garage. I am talking about the energy company you buy power from now. This won't cover every area in the country but it does cover a whole lot of people.

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Remember that we are still in prelaunch. As we get closer to the launch we will be sending you all your additional set up instructions. We will send out an email alert to everyone when we start the final launch sequence. If you haven't gotten your 20 emails out make sure you do.

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