NEWS: CloudCoin to be used for ICOs and exchange to be built
At least one SEC-approved funding platform will be integrating RAIDA technology to use RAIDA instead of blockchain as the basis for tokenization.
Interested companies are in discussion to utilize RAIDA-based technology to tokenize for a much more efficient and seamless process.
Many companies have explored conducting blockchain-based Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and found blockchain tokenization has too many difficulties with adoption and is just too technical.
CloudCoin is the native currency of any RAIDA-based protocols. When companies issue RAIDA-based tokens, each of those tokens is, in whole or part, a CloudCoin. When thousands of companies issue tens of millions of tokens, it elevates the utility of, and demand for, CloudCoin, which are the hallmarks of value.
The advantage to investors is the creation of a viable secondary market for ownership units. These secondary markets will challenge conventional stock markets, commodity exchanges, and currency exchanges by being faster, trustless, more efficient and more secure.
A third-party exchange for RAIDA-based instruments is already in the works, using the popular Modulus platform and to be based in Malta. The exchange would feature CloudCoin, other RAIDA-powered currencies, and all RAIDA-based tokens. An exchange dedicated to RAIDA-based instruments greatly expands the liquidity of CloudCoin and builds greater awareness, leading to ever further adoption, acceptance, and growth. #cloudcoin #raida #wearecloudcoin #blockchain