Detection Agent Remaining Founders Positions Open Again

We paused the signing up of Founding Detections Agents positions while we were getting out our first distribution of coins and also started the installation of the first RaidaTech detection units. We also wanted to make some big strides on a series of massive revenue generation actions which I discussed last night in detail in the recording below. If you had interest in becoming a detection agent you should absolutely listen to this recording:

          Founding Detection Agent Positions Still Available

There are three levels one can sign up for and those people who become a founding member will receive a "guaranteed" amount of Cloudcoins over the next 24 months. If you haven't received information about this or you want to learn about the creative ways we have helped past Detection Agents get a position email me at and use the subject line "Detection Agent". It is now easier than ever to lock in your Founding Detection Agent position.


Bob Cefail
RaidaTech Board