Invitation from Sean Worthington
Dear Friends of CloudCoin:

Six months ago, I founded RAIDAtech as a commercial venture to develop new applications for RAIDA technology.

CloudCoin was the first 'proof-of-concept' for this technology.

We immediately found investors who believe, as I do, that blockchain is too outdated, too inefficient and not scalable enough for widespread applications.

RAIDAtech has developed anti-counterfeiting and authentication applications that are ready to be tested.

That's where we could use your help.

If your company would benefit from new, innovative solutions to protecting your intellectual property, proprietary information or products, we'd like to hear from you.

I am looking for four or five companies that would like to take part in research and testing of RAIDAtech solutions.

RAIDAtech has applications that can protect:
  • Physical goods, such as handbags or shoes
  • Printed products, such as concert or event tickets
  • Consumable products, such as wine or pharmaceuticals
  • Storage and transmission of digital communications, such as email, documents, or video files
  • Both physical digital memorabilia and collectibles, such as baseball cards or digital images
  • And fulfill virtually any application for which your firm may currently be exploring the use of blockchain/distributed ledger technology

Reply to this message if you'd like more information.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

Digitally Yours,
Sean H Worthington