RaidaTech Digital Currency--Why People Are Clamoring To Get Involved

Thanks for deciding to learn more regarding RaidaTech--the technology backbone of Cloudcoin. One of the hottest areas of economic growth worldwide involves the underlying technology of crypto & digital currencies. In addition it has been concluded by many that alternative technologies to blockchain are the future of retail digital currency usage. This is just ONE area where RaidaTech can be a significant player.

More Reasons To Get Involved

Here is a list of just some of the RaidaTech areas of potential operation:

1. Counterfeit Detection Systems for physical items including fine art,
and memorabilia.

2. Counterfeit Detection Systems for digital items, including digital
memorabilia, music, video game items and items that can be used in virtual

3. Monetary systems. Including nationals currencies, enhancing
blockchain-based currencies, stock markets, bond markets, coupons, stamps,
and other systems that require tokens (such as casinos).

4. Virtual Economies. The creation of Virtual worlds that allow
RAIDA-based "crossover currencies" that allow the real economy to be
extended into the virtual world.

5. Security Applications: The creation of "Hack-proof" systems that do not
have the same systemic risks as crypto-based security systems have. These
systems will allow people to store their data in highly secure and highly

available manner that will be un-hackable by even governments or RAIDATech

6. Social Memberships: The creation of "
facebook-like" applications that
allow for uncensored and private collaboration.

The core of RAIDA products and services is its exclusive license to
develop applications for the provisionally-patented RAIDA (Redundant Array
of Independent Detection Agents) technology developed by inventor Sean H.
Worthington. RAIDA’s core function is confirming the authenticity/ownership of
digital files and detecting digital forgeries--but there are numerous other
applications that emanate from that core.

Currently, RaidaTech is successfully powering Cloudcoin and tests have been
completed on the stage one use of RaidaTech for the Celebrium digital
collectible roll out. We have formed RaidaTech to accelerate the huge
technical advantage the company has as regards its competitors.

If you want to get involved in how to participate in this company email me right away at bob@digitalcurrencygroand use the subject line "Please Send Me More Info On How I Can Be involved".


Bob Cefail
Digital Frontier


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