What's New With Celebrium

In July we attended Freedom Fest, an annual conference focused on groups, projects and technologies that foster individual liberty and empowerment. Many crypto tech companies and projects were there including Bit Shares, Quintric and others.
Sean Worthington, founder and inventor of Cloud Coin & RAIDA, the technology behind Celebrium, spoke about Cloud Coin and Celebrium on the main stage just ahead of Judge Napolitano. He also held a packed breakout session where attendees were able to learn more and ask questions.
More on Freedom Fest can be found on their website www.FreedomFest.com.
More recently, we have completed testing of the Celebrium website to ensure it can interface properly with the RAIDA, and can accurately and securely deliver the Celebrium collectibles in real-time as orders are placed. We've also completed development of the web based application that will enable users to house their collection. Development of the desktop app is also in progress.
We are now in the process of collecting the signed celebrity photographs that will be converted into Celebrium Memos along with creating the videos that will document their creation.
Although celebrity schedules can fluctuate, we intend to have our first photos collected and ready for RAIDA minting by the end of September. This along with completion of the video documentation production for each celebrity should enable us to launch in the early Fall of this year.
Adrian Niculescu

The RAIDA technology which powers CloudCoin is on the way to become a major player in helping industries like Fashion, Auto Parts and Sports Gear to allow their customers to test via the smartphone if they actually buy a genuine product or not.

And this is huge because some industries see a huge level of counterfeit items being produced and distributed and RAIDA could save millions of dollars for them.

RAIDA Tech will be present at The Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo in November showing the world the next big thing in counterfeit detection.

Big Successes ON Bitshares Exchange--CC Hitting 11 Cents--I Will Discuss Tonight

We are also doing 5000 Cloudcoin drawing Thursday night
I just received an email from a coin buyer who talked about how smooth the Bitshares system is doing and he just moved a number of coins at 11 cents. I am hearing about even higher bids for Cloudcoin. I will discuss that tonight along with the 3 next biggest changes that we see in the crypto world.
Major Raida Tech update
I will also update you on what is happening with the RaidaTech fundraising and how people are getting involved. We have had a huge reaction in the last 7 days.
How To Attend:
Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7083936107670856961