Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis Live!

Jared Rice

Tonight at 10pm EDT, Crypto Connie will be interviewing Jared Rice who breaks his six month silence since the SEC and FBI kicked in his farmhouse doors last January to, nothing. Despite everything that the heartless Beast could do to destroy his past, present and future, he's back tonight to introduce The Next Big Thing. Incredibly, he built it in his parents back yard while penniless as they monitored him with their all-seeing eyes in utter disbelief. It's a free, completely decentralized Internet protocol - the dWeb! And he's giving it away to the world in the name of freedom of thought, speech, and action - (just in time it would appear). Stan Larimer will analyze his creation in light of current events and assess the impact that a Decentralized Web free of agenda-driven gatekeepers may have on BitShares and our other sources of Freedom.
                                                                      Stan Larimer