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Happy Birthday RAIDA!

Dear Consortium Member,

Welcome to October 2018! The RAIDA has been up and running now for two years with no downtime. It was October 6th that I first setup the 25 RAIDA on  my home server and began deploying each one to different parts to their original owners all across the globe.

It was also two years ago that we hired our very first client programmer, who, unfortunately, produced nothing following six months of development. So when we went live in March 2017, we had no client software except the console app I used to test the RAIDA (Founders Edition). Then, one year ago, we hired Navraj Singh and were able to turn out software on all platforms except iPhone (only due to Apple not allowing our app). Six months ago, we were able to bring Ivan Olsak on board and start to really test our software. Now we are getting ready to release the next installments on all platforms. These will be completely tested and work very well.

Next we will start our new design process and our new architecture.  We are adding a bunch of features including:
The ability to lock CloudCoins to stop theft.
The ability to store in mind.
The ability to store hashes of email addresses in ANs to allow CloudCoin recovery.
The ability to send CloudCoins directly from one app to another without email, file transfer or exporting.
The ability to set the language that the software uses.
The ability to recover "lost" CloudCoins (coins that had many RAIDA errors)
The ability to transfer CloudCoins by whisper.
The ability to fix 400 fracked coins all at once instead of one at a time.
The ability to pown 400 coins at a time instead of the 200 today.
The ability to break coins into change.
The ability to use backup CDN instead of CloudFlare.
The ability to wipe out all logs and records in a push of a button.
The ability to use any jpeg, png or mp3 to hide CloudCoins.

There is more. The desktop client software will also contain a web server. This will allow:
People to exchange CloudCoins using checks, credit cards and PayPal.
The ability to pay bills automatically with CloudCoins.
The ability to create their own store and accept CloudCoins.
The ability to have white label coins and fractions.

I really hope that we are able to accomplish all this in the next six months. Then, once we know the software is stable, we’ll be able to direct all of our efforts into liquidity and we can really start our marketing program.  Part of the liquidity effort will be to create some video games, get on Open Bazaar and get on more exchanges. We will need sales people to knock on doors and get businesses to adopt.

The RAIDA is going well. Our uptime is now in the 100% range for all RAIDA since the RAIDA quorum fired RAIDA 18 (who kept going offline). New Sentinel/Detection Agent software has been created. This new software written in good old 'C' is fast and uses a new binary protocol. Unlike the old software, it does not require a webserver, database management system or bulky drivers.  The entire database will be located in RAM and I think that we will be able to achieve 8 million transactions per second. That is enough to handle the entire world’s transactions. We will begin testing the system soon. With the potential of having 800 Detection Agents, the RAIDA will be so strong that no one will even dare try to take it down. The RAIDA is over 10,000 times more cost effective than blockchain thanks to very little in the way of hardware, electricity, storage space, bandwidth and cooling. We win when it comes to efficiency and I would even say that we are the most efficient payment system in the world.

Liquidity has been slow. We have finally landed on the BitShares network and people can buy and sell CloudCoins there. The price as I look at it now is $.015. That gives us a market cap of $7.8 million. There are now over 523 million CloudCoins in circulation and over 1/3 of all CloudCoins in the mint have been distributed. We continue to work on, a online superstore that will accept CloudCoin as payment. We are now on the third version of the bank and it is finally good enough to support a major retailer. We are getting ready to have a trusted buyer and this should really help things too.

The next step is marketing. Here are a few things you and everyone in the world need to know:

Privacy: CloudCoin requires no user accounts, login, or signup and does not track transaction. This makes CloudCoin the most private monetary system ever created and you can bet your life on it.
Hacking: CloudCoin will soon become the hardest to hack! No Private Key makes CloudCoins the most theft resistant currency because the risk of theft can be diversified.
Loss: CloudCoin will soon become the hardest to lose. Yes, people can recover lost coins and we are the only currency with that feature in the world.
Energy: No currency uses less electricity - CloudCoin has a right to exist because it is the most efficient!
Easy: Soon, no currency will be easier to include in a webpage that sells stuff.
Crossover - CloudCoin separates data from logic and that means CloudCoin can go anywhere including video games, virtual reality and even in someone's mind.
Scalability: CloudCoins can handle the entirety of global transactions.
Transfer time: With the new PAN Forward service we are implementing, we will be able to move 100,000 CloudCoins from one person's cell phone to a business’s CloudBank within 10 seconds and get change in less than another four seconds. With some additional investment we can get the time for most transaction under two seconds with a few years.
Marketability: Put CloudCoins in jpeg images and put them on a website. Now everyone will want to download the image and they will pay close attention to the images even if they are ads.
Versatility: We can use CloudCoins for other things besides money. Like Celebrium, stocks, bonds, user id, game items.

Let's face it: If there was a digital currency Olympics, CloudCoin would win every category. It is just a matter of time!

Now we have a friend named RAIDAtech. It has already raised $250,000 and will help CloudCoin. Celebrium is getting ready to go to market too. That will also help.

Please, work as hard and smart as you can so we can reduce the time it takes to be successful. Hoard your CloudCoins if you can afford to because they will go up in value. We may not see big differences in price for the next 3.5 years but it will come someday.

If you know anyone who can make CloudCoins more valuable and who will work for them, let me know. The more the merrier.

Thank you and have a great month!

Digitally Yours,
Sean Worthington


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