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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin134

Transform Group to promote CloudCoin
Transform Group , a global digital currency communications firm, has become a new partner to promote and represent CloudCoin.

Transform Group has worked with 120 different currencies that collectively constitute $30 billion and 37 percent of the altcoin market, including Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and many more.

They will provide strategy and public relations services to create greater awareness about CloudCoin's benefits, utility and security and help elevate CloudCoin to the top tier of digital currencies.

Transform's assessment of CloudCoin:
"Blockchain-based digital currencies have become so prominent over the last few years that it’s easy to forget that digital currencies don’t actually have to be built on a blockchain. In fact, there can be distinct advantages to creating a digital currency that doesn’t use proof of work blockchain technology, including scalability, recoverability, and lower energy usage.

With that in mind, CloudCoin developed its digital currency on DNS, giving it the ability to scale to millions of users globally with full privacy and zero fees. With CloudCoin, users do not need to sign up for an account or generate private keys. Each CloudCoin has its own authentication built in, making it inherently private and easy to spend. Because the DNS operates globally, CloudCoin requires so little electricity that transactions are free, making it the ideal solution for the future of retail and many other use cases.

CloudCoin has already shown considerable traction, with approximately 65 million CloudCoins changing hands in April alone. As the company prepares for its next phase of growth, CloudCoin is in need of a public relations partner with deep roots in the digital currency sector to promote its unique value proposition. Dating back to 2013, Transform Group has led campaigns for hundreds of projects in the decentralized technology sector, including many of the most prominent. This campaign will seek to generate visibility for CloudCoin, while positioning the company to attract new partners and users in the coming months."

Telegram quiz game tomorrow
Want to test your CloudCoin knowledge?

Thousands of CloudCoins will be awarded to people who can correctly answer the most questions about CloudCoin and RAIDA during a special quiz contest May 30 starting at 2 pm UTC/ 10 am EDT.

Fifty questions will be posed in the CloudCoin World Telegram channel with three minutes to answer each question. There will be prizes for the top three finishers and 30 random participants will also receive CloudCoins.

CloudCoin to be Gold Sponsor at FreedomFest
CloudCoin will be a Gold Sponsor at this year's FreedomFest in Las Vegas, July 13-16.

This will be CloudCoin's third appearance at FreedomFest, which hails itself as " an annual festival where free minds meet to celebrate 'great books, great ideas, and great thinkers' in an open-minded environment. It is independent, non-partisan, and not affiliated with any organization or think tank."

CloudCoin will have a booth in the exhibit hall and Sean Worthington is among the speakers who will participate in panels and other events.

The venue for FreedomFest was recently "upgraded" from the Paris Resort to Caesars Palace.

You can support CloudCoin on GitHub
CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington invited readers to help support the work done by Consortium programmers and developers recently, and already 17 sponsors have signed up.

As Sean shared, sponsorship will allow the Consortium to grow and develop, to help complete the task of becoming chartered as a Swiss verein (non-profit association), to be listed on more exchanges, and to continue to raise awareness about CloudCoin and RAIDA.

Sean became the first sponsor by pledging $100 per month at GitHub.

GitHub is the world's largest suite of tools for open source developers, and becoming part of their sponsorship program is an important step forward.

RAIDA upgraded to word's fastest payment system
RAIDA is now the undisputed fastest payment system in the world, thanks to another performance boost, with improvements still to come that will boost it another 30%.

The new architecture was able to perform 100,000 authentications in 3.5 seconds, and designers are confident that can be cut to 2.5 seconds. VISA transactions can take 20 seconds or more to authenticate payments and the average point of sale interactions takes 50 seconds.

It's worth noting that for VISA and other processors, this represents only one-half of the transaction--taking funds from the customer to VISA. The processor still needs an additional transaction, usually in bulk, to transfer funds from VISA to the merchant. The goal for RAIDA is to be able to complete both ends of the entire process in 20 seconds using CloudCoins, with very little friction.

Protect RAIDA from hackers as a Guardian
RAIDA Guardians operate proxy servers to make RAIDA more reliable and robust, and they can receive 100,000 CloudCoins for participating.

Guardians are a vital part of CloudCoin's global effort to create a perfect monetary system that will increase the freedom and prosperity of everyone, while helping combat authoritarian governments who rely on currency manipulation for their existence.

If you are interested in receiving more information on becoming a Guardian, please sign up here for an invitation to a members-only Telegram group.

The unbeatable value of CloudCoin
Weekly Guest Commentary
by Bolarinwa Odupe

CloudCoin is poised to become the new face of digital money with many great benefits embedded in this new financial technology. Now is the time to discuss the adoption of CloudCoin.

The world will soon start to shift focus from blockchain to RAIDA, the technology upon which CloudCoin was built. In a few years, crypto enthusiasts will become devoted fans of CloudCoin, but by that time, the market value will have skyrocketed. So my best advice is to acquire CloudCoin now! Trade with it now! Enjoy the benefits as the value gradually surges higher. I would outline a few ways in which CloudCoin can be maximized to enjoy optimal benefits.

CloudCoin is listed on BitShares and XBTS where it trades just under a penny. However, subjectively speaking, the exchange rates are very low compared to the real value of CloudCoin and the essences embedded in it as a currency. Early adoption would enable you to have access to the great leverage it holds now and in future.

In addition, CloudCoin is currently being improved in order to make provisions of algorithms that would enable greater liquidity, which includes easy exchange to fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies. This is why I deem it highly important to get involved in the education process of CloudCoin, to preach it to other people, and to use it and own it because it is yours. It is yours in the sense that once you acquire it, it is not subjected to inflation or deflation. The quantity you have remains intact unlike the cryptocurrency in your e-wallet, which changes value in the flip of a second. For instance, if you have $100 value of bitcoins in your e-wallet, within a minute, it can be reduced to $90 or increased to $110. This is due to the instability in its price. CloudCoin, on the other hand, is more stable. The quantity of coins is constant and you can even see the quantity you have to be extra sure. That alone is a major advantage of CloudCoin over cryptocurrency.

Right now, the use of CloudCoin is being adopted by key players in some major industries. DEX trading represents an artificially undervalued rate. This is why it is essential to start buying and trading CloudCoin now. The more it is traded, the more it increases in value, thereby enabling you to enjoy the benefits it holds.

Bolarinwa Odupe is a technology writer and digital marketing consultant in Lagos, Nigeria.
RAIDA Detection Agent program to be enhanced
There are big changes coming for the RAIDA Detection Agent program.

Operators of new "enhanced Detection Agent" option will not only make the RAIDA network stronger, faster, and more secure, they can also act as cloud storage servers to facilitate programs such as RAIDA DATA and RAIDA MAIL that are being implemented. The enhanced agents will have different hardware and programming.

Applications for new Detection Agents is currently on hold as the enhanced storage option is tested and fine-tuned, but you can email to be added to the wait list for more information once the new option is implemented.

Detection Agent operators earn a portion of network traffic revenues, as well as a bonus paid in CloudCoins. The storage server operators will have additional incentives. Be advised, however, there are a limited number of special "Founders" opportunities available and there are now several clients ready to create traffic on the DA network.

There is also a referral program where you can become a Detection Agent, with zero licensing fees, simply by referring potential operators.

Educate & enrich with CloudCoin 'Learn & Earn'
Anyone can earn CloudCoin while learning about this next-generation digital currency and the underlying RAIDA technology.
To start earning CloudCoins, first join the CloudCoin Learn and Earn Telegram group .
CloudCoins are being awarded to everyone who installs CloudCoin Wallet and tells their friends about it. 
$1000 worth of CloudCoin is also being awarded to participants who ask the best questions during the upcoming five-episode, "Ask Me Anything" series.

'Tank Man' anniversary
Next week will mark the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre , June 4, 1989.

Weeks of student-led protests culminated in the dramatic confrontation when a lone student, dubbed "Tank Man," blocked a column of Chinese tanks exiting Tianamen toward Chang'an Avenue, where much of the oppression and violence actually took place. By some accounts, as many as 10,000 protesters were killed during violent crackdowns on protests in Beijing and other cities.

"Tank Man" was depicted on the very first One CloudCoin note in 2017 and again on FreedomFest edition notes in 2018. Consortium artist Chris Montgomery released a new One CloudCoin Note image last year to commemorate the 30th anniversary. All three versions are pictured below.

CloudCoin codes are often embedded in images so that they look like traditional money, but can be stored in many other forms of digital media, including stack files or audio clips.

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Can your talents help make a difference?
Are you interested in using your talents and experience to make a difference? Do you have a passion for learning about the revolutionary new world of digital currency? Would you like to connect with like-minded, liberty-loving people from around the globe?

Consider joining the CloudCoin Consortium. There are opportunities available in numerous capacities. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or devote several hours a day working from the privacy and comfort of your own home, or are available to join us in our California HQ, we encourage you to apply. If you have experience in any of the following fields, visit our Opportunities page with a resume or CV.

  • 3D artists
  • Mobile App developers
  • RAIDA network02 system administrators
  • Social Media pros and community managers
  • Marketers and PR experts
  • Content creators
  • Web developers
  • Filmmakers and video specialists
  • Graphic designers
  • Writers and bloggers
  • Attorneys/Paralegals
  • Grant Writers
  • Software developers/programmers
  • Software testers for all operating systems
  • Software solutions salespeople
  • Minecraft developers/modders
  • Electron programmers
  • HR/personnel professionals
  • Accounting/bookkeeping professionals


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