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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 136

US needs a digital Dollar

by Sean Worthington

It is clear that not all currencies are created equal and that digital currencies based on cryptography (e.g. bitcoin), and currencies based on DNS (e.g. CloudCoin), have properties that give them an advantage over paper money.

CloudCoin, for example, allows us to send money anywhere in the world, at any time of day, in a split second, with no fees. That is something paper money cannot do.

It is conceivable that the US Dollar could become used less as people turn to preferred digital alternatives. A digital Chinese Yuan may be such an alternative. In theory, the Chinese Yuan could come to dominate the world's financial systems simply because it allows for more efficient transactions.
If the digital Chinese Yuan becomes preferable to the paper US Dollar, it would have a devastating impact on the US economy as the value of our money would drop due to decreased demand.
The US must develop a digital currency of its own if it is to compete. Only one currency technology is suitable for the US Digital Dollar, and that is the DNS based technology recently patented on May 12, 2020 (USPTO #106503750), known as RAIDA and used in CloudCoin.

Cryptocurrencies have too many flaws to be practical. These defects include the requirement to pay transaction fees, the need to have an account on a public ledger, limited privacy, and the possibility of denial of service attacks and quantum hacking that could cripple the currency.

RAIDA technology backed currencies do not have the defects present in cryptocurrencies and have the potential to be "perfect" currencies usable for everything.

Sean Worthington is President of the CloudCoin Consortium. This article is available online here .

New liquidity options coming
CloudCoin users will soon have two new and easier ways to buy and sell coins.

A peer-to-peer (P2P) matchmaking service on Telegram expects to launch June 20. It will have no fees, flexible trading options and complete financial privacy (no public ledger). Pre-register here .

News about the first trade of CloudCoin on the digital asset platform was announced during a recent Digital Frontier News webinar. will integrate both RAIDA and blockchain technologies to allow better exchanges between the two.

CloudCoin to be Gold Sponsor at FreedomFest
FreedomFest , where CloudCoin will be a Gold Sponsor, is just one month away. Join us in Las Vegas, July 13-16.

This will be CloudCoin's third appearance at FreedomFest, which hails itself as " an annual festival where free minds meet to celebrate 'great books, great ideas, and great thinkers' in an open-minded environment. It is independent, non-partisan, and not affiliated with any organization or think tank."

CloudCoin will have a booth in the exhibit hall. In addition, Sean Worthington is among the speakers who will participate in panels and other events.

The venue for FreedomFest was "upgraded" from the Paris Resort to Caesars Palace.

CloudCoin will also be represented at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando the week before FreedomFest.

You can support CloudCoin on GitHub
CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington invited readers to support the work done by Consortium programmers and developers on GitHub. Twenty sponsors have already signed up.

As Sean previously shared, sponsorship plays an integral role in allowing the Consortium to grow and develop. Some of the Consortium's current goals are to complete the task of becoming chartered as a Swiss verein (non-profit association), to be listed on more exchanges, and to continue to raise awareness about CloudCoin and RAIDA.

Sean became the first sponsor by pledging $100 per month at GitHub.

GitHub is the world's largest suite of tools for open source developers, and becoming part of their sponsorship program is an important step forward.

Protect RAIDA from hackers as a Guardian
RAIDA Guardians operate proxy servers to make RAIDA more reliable and robust, and Guardians can receive 100,000 CloudCoins for participating.

Guardians are a vital part of CloudCoin's global effort to create a perfect monetary system that will increase the freedom and prosperity of everyone, while helping combat authoritarian governments who rely on currency manipulation for their existence.

If you are interested in receiving more information on becoming a Guardian, please sign up here for an invitation to a members-only Telegram group.

Diogenes' search for an honest man
by Christopher Davis, Consortium member

Diogenes was a controversial Greek philosopher who did not have a high regard for people’s truthfulness. He is primarily known for his flamboyant protest and what he termed as his search for an honest man.

He is known to have walked through the streets of Athens in the middle of a bright sunny day, carrying a lit lantern, to symbolize the futility of his search. Why?

Diogenes was originally a citizen of Sinope, a city in Turkey, where he worked with his father in banking. They were tasked with handling the coinage or minting of coins (money) for the state.

When they were caught shaving off small amounts of gold from the coins they handled, they were convicted, disgraced, and banished into exile for counterfeiting or debasing the currency.

Different stories imply that some politicians had been involved but were not charged, and this upset him further. In any case, his personal involvement in the dishonesty so embarrassed and upset Diogenes, that he began a life-long protest against dishonesty and dramatized his remorse and his contempt by roaming through the streets of Athens carrying a lit lantern, to signify what he felt was a hopeless search for an Honest Man. Throughout the years, his search has been continued by many, especially in the realm of banking and economics, which it is widely agreed spawns most of the world’s inequality, greed, social unrest, and corruption.

This corruption was a motivating factor for Satoshi Nakamoto in his development of bitcoin, which was released in 2008 following that year's economic crisis. While Nakamoto introduced the concept of trust-free alternative currencies, bitcoin did not fulfill all of Nakamoto’s hopes.

Diogenes' search is over

On May 12, 2020, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Sean Worthington USPTO Patent # 10650375, for the underlying technology that makes the new CloudCoin digital currency possible. The patent is entitled, "Method of Authenticating and Exchanging Virtual Currency."

This new form of cloud-based digital currency has been referred to as the next evolution of cryptocurrency, and is said to finally complete the dream of Satoshi Nakamoto as put forth in his 2008 white paper for a totally private, trust-free, decentralized and impenetrable peer-to-peer electronic cash system. A peer-to-peer system allows for payments to be sent from one party to another without going through a third-party financial institution.

More information on CloudCoin can be found at

Christopher Davis is a marketing expert in California, USA.

RAIDA Detection Agent program to be enhanced
There are big changes coming for the RAIDA Detection Agent program.

Operators of a new "Enhanced Detection Agent" option will not only make the RAIDA network stronger, faster, and more secure, they can also act as cloud storage servers to facilitate programs such as RAIDA DATA and RAIDA MAIL that are being implemented. The enhanced agents will have different hardware and programming.

Applications for new Detection Agents is currently on hold as the enhanced storage option is tested and fine-tuned, but you can email to be added to the wait list for more information once the new option is implemented.

Detection Agent operators earn a portion of network traffic revenues, as well as a bonus paid in CloudCoins. The storage server operators will have additional incentives. Be advised, however, there are a limited number of special "Founders" opportunities available and there are now several clients ready to create traffic on the DA network.

There is also a referral program where you can become a Detection Agent, with zero licensing fees, simply by referring potential operators.

Educate & enrich with CloudCoin 'Learn & Earn'
Anyone can earn CloudCoin while learning about this next-generation digital currency and the underlying RAIDA technology.
To start earning CloudCoins, first join the CloudCoin Learn and Earn Telegram group .
CloudCoins are being awarded to everyone who installs CloudCoin Wallet and tells their friends about it. 
$1000 worth of CloudCoin is also being awarded to participants who ask the best questions during the upcoming five-episode, "Ask Me Anything" series.

Happy Birthday Henry David Thoreau
Today, June 12, would have been the 203rd birthday of American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau.

It is perhaps quite fitting to acknowledge Thoreau, author of 1849's Civil Disobedience , at a time when people in many places are protesting, with most practicing the kind of non-violent disobedience Thoreau advanced. Thoreau's ideas about peaceful defiance directly influenced later leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thoreau advocated non-compliance with unjust laws and non-payment of taxation when those taxes supported institutions he felt were unjust, like slavery and war. He was briefly jailed by tax collectors in 1846. He later retreated in seclusion to the wilderness for several years. In 1854, he chronicled his seclusion in his most famous work, Walden.

Thoreau suffered from tuberculosis for over 25 years before passing at the age just 44 in 1862.

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