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The Swarm Is Live--Prelaunch Is Live Now--Power In Numbers

The Swarm is here and within 72 hours The Swarm will exceed the growth of
even Facebook in its' first "30" days. The power of massive CROWDS is here.

                                   The Swarm Mission

The mission of the Swarm is to save money and make money every month
without paying to join, involving NO selling or adding a bunch of extra
work to one's life. The massive power of numbers makes this possible. The
high tech Swarm system truly handles all of that for every member.

                       How To Make The Most Out Of The Swarm

During this prelaunch period of roughly 30 days the people who register first and simply send out 10 to 20 emails will be the ones who cash in the most "by far". Be the EARLY BIRD!

                               The Simple Three Step Plan

These are the simple steps that you need to do: 1) Click on the link below
and register with your email to wtach a short webinar; 2) Watch the live
webinar or get ahead of everyone else and watch the recorded webinar; 3)
Complete your free registration so you can get paid each month and send
out 10 to 20 emails to people that you know that simply invite them to do
the same. You don't have to call anyone or sell this program. Just send
out some emails. You will learn from the webinar WHY this system is
revolutionary. The email to send out is at the bottom of this email.

Click This Link Now To Get Started:

Click this link:

         The Email That You Should Send Out To 10 To 20 People

Subject Line: I am inviting you to be a free member of my Swarm
Body of the email:
I just became a free member of The Swarm. Wait until you see what The
Swarm is all about. Please take a minute to see what this movement and
community is all about. I love what The Swarm is all about and I know you
will be surprised at what you see.

(put your affiliate link here -- Don't forget it)


So now that you have your email and you have registered fire out that email. Grabs as many people as possible.


Robert Cefai

The Swarm


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