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CloudCoin Bulletin 109

The Unknown Fund tweets about CloudCoin

The Unknown Fund posted a well-received tweet of information about CloudCoin yesterday.
The Unknown Fund claims connection to the hacktivist group Anonymous and has promised to donate $75 million to technology projects that promote anonymity and privacy.

"The Unknown Fund sees the protection of personal data as one of the main challenges for modern man. The use of data has already become a powerful tool for manipulating people. The effectiveness of this tool is both amazing and frightening," the group's website states.
Check out The Unknown Fund's tweet and follow @CloudCoinGlobal , #cloudcoin and #raida on Twitter.
This kind of publicity is potentially game-changing, as would be any possible infusion of funds toward the CloudCoin project. 2020 may well be a huge year for CloudCoin!

CloudCoin a contender in 'Best DApp' contest

A detailed post about CloudCoin is currently among the top entrants in Publish0x's "Best DApp" contest. The contest winners split a $400 prize pool.
A decentralized application (DApp, pronounced "dee-app") is any solution, software or tool that does not use a centralized/controlled network. Publish0x is a major blogging site for the digital currency community.
To support CloudCoin, register at publish0x and tip this post . Tips can be done using most major digital currencies. The contest runs for two more weeks, through Dec. 20.

P2P exchange on track for 2020

Consortium developers are continuing work on a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange for CloudCoin and other RAIDA-based assets, and still plan to launch the exchange by early next year.
The most exciting progress has been with implementing a greater number of payment processors, giving global CloudCoin buyers more choices in ways to acquire CloudCoins using the exchange. At least seven major processors have now been incorporated.

Quantum news

CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin will continue to keep our readers up-to-date about the increasingly surprising and fantastic revolution of quantum computing.
This week Amazon got in on the game. Harvard researchers found a new topological insulator (necessary to limit noise on qubits) and TechHQ has a detailed analysis of the threats quantum computers pose to cybersecurity.
InfoQ: AWS announces fully-managed quantum computer services A platform for stable quantum computing, a playground for exotic physics
TechHQ: Will quantum computing make current cybersecurity practices obsolete?
Advances in quantum computing continue to be realized much more quickly than expected. Its advent will effectively make current forms of encryption, the basis of all digital currencies except CloudCoin, obsolete.
Quantum computers rely on quantum mechanical phenomena like superposition and quantum entanglement to radically outperform classical computers, both in terms of speed (possibly 20 million times faster) and sheer dimension (a quantum computer can approach problem solving in ways no conventional computer can). Quantum computing calculations involve qubits rather than traditional bits. While bits are binary (limited to being either a 1 or a 0), a qubit can be a 1, a 0, or anything in between or both 1 and 0 at the same time !
An easy analogy is to imagine a globe of the earth. A bit can be either the point on the globe that is the North Pole (1) or the point on the globe that is the South Pole (0). A qubit, however, can be every point on the globe and every point within the sphere of the globe, all at once.

Do you have what it takes to be a RAIDA Guardian?

RAIDA Guardians operate proxy servers to make RAIDA more reliable and robust, and they can receive 100,000 CloudCoins for participating.
Guardians are a vital part of CloudCoin's global effort to create a perfect monetary system that will increase the freedom and prosperity of everyone, while helping combat authoritarian governments who rely on currency manipulation for their existence.
If you are interested in becoming a Guardian, please sign up here for more information and an invitation to a members-only Telegram group.

Earn CloudCoins & $$$ as a RAIDA Detection Agent

There are still slots remaining for people interested in becoming founding RAIDA Detection Agents.
Operators of these units help make the RAIDA network stronger, faster, and more secure. Operators earn a portion of network traffic revenues, as well as
a bonus paid in Cloudcoins. Be advised, however, there are a limited number of special "Founders" opportunities available.
There is also a referral program where you can become a Detection Agent, with zero licensing fees, simply by referring potential operators.
Email for more information about becoming a Detection Agent operator or joining the referral program.

Happy Birthday Craig Newmark

Today is the 67th birthday of Craig Newmark, creator and namesake of Craigslist .
Newmark started Craigslist in 1995 as an email list about events in San Francisco, Calif., expanding as a website for classified ads the following year, then to other cities in 2000. There are now listings in over 70 nations.
Craigslist has consistently retained its primitive 1990's style, look and interface.

While founded to be a "minimal profit" enterprise, Craigslist generates at least tens of millions annually, mostly from employment listings.
A long-term goal of the CloudCoin Consortium has been development of a global online marketplace like Craigslist, but where all users can buy and sell or place ads for free , using CloudCoin for exchanges.

Interested in using your talents to make a difference?

Are you interested in using your talents and experience to make a difference? Do you have a passion for learning about the revolutionary new world of digital currency? Would you like to connect with like-minded, liberty-loving people from around the globe?
Consider joining the CloudCoin Consortium. There are opportunities available in numerous capacities. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or devote several hours a day working from the privacy and comfort of your own home, or are available to join us in our California HQ, we encourage you to apply. If you have experience in any of the following fields, visit our Opportunities page with a resume or CV.

  • RAIDA network02 system administrators
  • Social Media pros and community managers
  • Marketers and PR experts
  • Content creators
  • Web developers
  • Filmmakers and video specialists
  • Graphic designers
  • Writers and bloggers
  • Attorneys/Paralegals
  • Grant Writers
  • Software developers/programmers
  • Software testers for all operating systems
  • Software solutions salespeople
  • Minecraft developers/modders
  • Electron programmers
  • HR/personnel professionals
  • Accounting/bookkeeping professionals



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