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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 105

1st RAIDA subdomain to power Celebrium collectibles

The first RAIDA subdomain was created this week which will allow CloudCoins to be converted into Celebrium digital collectibles. It will be lab-tested over the coming weeks.
The subdomain, formally "celebrium.raida," is network02. Like network01, it consists of 25 Clouds, but will have unique characteristics that allow for creating Celebrium digital memorabilia, as well as other unique tokens.
Network02 will require system administrators. Recruitment for administrators is ongoing. The administrators will need less expertise and training than current RAIDA administrators, but more in-depth knowledge and training than RAIDA Detection Agent operators.
Celebrium announced exciting news and developments earlier this week, and is actively seeking marketing affiliate partners. For more information, email with subject line "Celebrium Launch."

Ultra-secure RAIDA MAIL in testing

A new RAIDA-based email that promises permanent security is currently in testing. This new service will put an end to spam and phishing and will have the ability to send up to 2.5 GB of data per message--which is 1,000 times more than most encrypted email providers offer.
RAIDA emails cannot be decrypted now or at any time in the future. Messages are shredded into 25 stripes or strips and each stripe is sent to a different cloud located around the globe in different geopolitical jurisdictions, each run by totally independent operators.
Other email systems rely on encryption, which is already vulnerable and will only become more so with the advent of quantum computers. With existing systems, a complete history of your emails is likely stored on random servers that can later be decrypted using quantum technology, putting your valuable business and personal information at risk.
Not even system administrators will have access to the users' data. The global RAIDA system stores data shredded at the binary level and each node handles only 4% of the whole.
User data will not be scanned, captured, used for targeted advertising or sold. The product is an email service, not the leveraging of private personal information.
Accounts will be available for 100 CloudCoins per year and the price will never increase beyond inflation rates. Sending each secure email will cost 1 CloudCoin, with an additional 1 CloudCoin per 25 MB of attachments. There may also be flat rate subscription packages.
Test kits will soon be available for $6 that include two user accounts, the ability to send 500 emails and guidebooks/tutorials.

The quantum revolution

There continues to be new advances and developments in quantum computing each week, and CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin will try to keep readers up-to-date. This week Microsoft made some splashes. A record for data sampling using photons was shattered, and scientists may have found a way to develop near-room temperature quantum transistors. Thorium superconductivity: Scientists discover new high-temperature superconductor
Fossbytes: Microsoft Is Reinventing ‘Qubits’ — The Basic Unit Of Quantum Computers
TechRepublic: Microsoft creating quantum developer tools and delivering access to quantum systems
Scientific American: Quantum Computer Made from Photons Achieves a New Record
Advances in quantum computing continue to be realized much more quickly than expected. Its advent will effectively make all current forms of encryption, the basis of all digital currencies except CloudCoin, obsolete.
Quantum computers rely on quantum mechanical phenomena like superposition and quantum entanglement to radically outperform classical computers, both in terms of speed (possibly 20 million times faster) and sheer dimension (a quantum computer can approach problem solving in ways no conventional computer can). Quantum computing calculations involve qubits rather than traditional bits. While bits are binary (limited to being either a 1 or a 0), a qubit can be a 1, a 0, or anything in between or both 1 and 0 at the same time !
An easy analogy is to imagine a globe of the earth. A bit can be either the point on the globe that is the North Pole (1) or the point on the globe that is the South Pole (0). A qubit, however, can be every point on the globe and every point within the sphere of the globe, all at once.

Do you have what it takes to be a RAIDA Guardian?

RAIDA Guardians operate proxy servers to make RAIDA more reliable and robust, and they can receive 100,000 CloudCoins for participating.
Guardians are a vital part of CloudCoin's global effort to create a perfect monetary system that will increase the freedom and prosperity of everyone, while helping combat authoritarian governments who rely on currency manipulation for their existence.
If you are interested in becoming a Guardian, please sign up here for more information and an invitation to a members-only Telegram group.

Earn CloudCoins & $$$ as a RAIDA Detection Agent

There are still slots remaining for people interested in becoming founding RAIDA Detection Agents.
Operators of these units help make the RAIDA network stronger, faster, and more secure. Operators earn a portion of network traffic revenues, as well as
a bonus paid in Cloudcoins. Be advised, however, there are a limited number of special "Founders" opportunities available.
There is also a referral program where you can become a Detection Agent, with zero licensing fees, simply by referring potential operators.
Email for more information about becoming a Detection Agent operator or joining the referral program.

Happy Veterans' Day
Next Monday, Nov. 11, is celebrated as Veterans Day, Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in many nations throughout the world. On November 11, 1918 at 11:00 a.m (11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month) was the official end of World War I (1914-1918) and has since served as an important date to remember the sacrifices and courage of those who served.
We at CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin would like to extend a special thanks for the bravery of some of the heroes who served their respective nations during difficult times, including:

  Sean Worthington , Staff Sgt., United States Air Force during the Operation Desert Shield (1990-91), and worked on the development of " bunker busters ." Sean is the President of the CloudCoin Consortium.

Arron Fogerson , Cmdr, United States Navy, Ret., a career officer who served aboard the USS Tulare (pictured 2nd from right) during the Vietnam conflict assisting Marine Corps amphibious landings. He is the father of CloudCoin's Ace Fogerson .

Arkady Berdnikov served during World War II and participated in the capture of Berlin. He is the grandfather of CloudCoin's Ilya Vlasyuk .

Yakovlev Roman Pavlovich was an artilleryman from 1941-1945. He was twice wounded and awarded medals for bravery and service. He lived a long life after the war, working as a carpenter and home builder, and fathering many children. He was the grandfather of CloudCoin's Sergey Shatrovoy .

Interested in using your talents to make a difference?
Are you interested in using your talents and experience to make a difference? Do you have a passion for learning about the revolutionary new world of digital currency? Would you like to connect with like-minded, liberty-loving people from around the globe?
Consider joining the CloudCoin Consortium. There are opportunities available in numerous capacities. Whether you can spare a few hours a week or devote several hours a day working from the privacy and comfort of your own home, or are available to join us in our California HQ, we encourage you to apply. If you have experience in any of the following fields, visit our Opportunities page with a resume or CV.
  • RAIDA network02 system administrators
  • Social Media pros and community managers
  • Marketers and PR experts
  • Content creators
  • Web developers
  • Filmmakers and video specialists
  • Graphic designers
  • Writers and bloggers
  • Attorneys/Paralegals
  • Grant Writers
  • Software developers/programmers
  • Software testers for all operating systems
  • Software solutions salespeople
  • Minecraft developers/modders
  • Electron programmers
  • HR/personnel professionals
  • Accounting/bookkeeping professionals



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