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And again about bitcoin...

Why about bitcoin?
Because this is the currently existing deception of ordinary people.
Because bitcoin was not the first cryptographic coin and accordingly Satoshi Nakomoto could not write the first bitcoin code. Because the cryptography code was written much earlier.
Bitcoin is a common business project. It was created by smart people, these people are those who promote the practice of  a clean sheet of paper and a pencil. In our world it is difficult to create some kind of production or service that would bring more income than the drug trade or war and arms trade. To earn the weapon you need to artificially create a war and to raise hostility among countries. To make money on drugs, it is necessary that there was corruption in the upper echelons of power.
But smart people will always live well, because they have more knowledge, they have a good brain, smart people in the head move faster neurons and in General they are physically healthy people and monitor their health.
Smart people understand that the 21st century of technology, the age of information exchange has become much better, the Internet breaks all boundaries, and ordinary people are more and more difficult to deceive.
The 21st century is now ruled by programmers. Programmers, these are the people who now hold all our humanity, no sphere of our life is complete without programmers and software code.
People understand this from a white sheet of paper and a pencil. They also understand that ordinary people do not understand what programming and program code is, for ordinary people programming is a dark forest, this is the sphere of knowledge that will not be available to 99.9% of the population of our planet. So where can you now earn money and not just money, but money from nothing, from the air, from the program code! Yes, to convince ordinary people that they understand cryptography and understand investing, trading. Ordinary people worked in offices, managers, in production and suddenly out of the blue everyone began to understand and understand what cryptography is and what cryptomonets are! So from nothing, out of the blue, from the Internet and TV, everyone knows what bitcoin is!
But 10 years have passed after the start of bitcoin and people are beginning to understand that not everything is so simple and bitcoin did not arise from scratch, not by chance, and not because it may have been the first. We now understand that bitcoin has its Creator, and this is a super business project, into which millions of dollars have been pumped for the development and infrastructure of the bitcoin project. Currently, All the media get a lot of money to write about bitcoin well, or said on television that the next growth of bitcoin is expected... Famous people talk about bitcoin, economists talk about bitcoin, you know why !? - it's simple, they were paid dollars to talk about bitcoin. Have you ever had a desire to advertise products or talk about some topic in which you are not a professional ? I had no such desire. So why do you think that other people out of the blue have a desire to say that bitcoin will cost $ 50,000 or $ 1,000,000. All simply someone very the rich man  pencil and a white paper, coined business project and paid for this money. You think that when bitcoin crumbles before our eyes and everything falls apart, it is not scalable, bitcoin is not suitable as a monetary unit... No, people did not invent to stop, they will squeeze every last cent out of the bitcoin project, they will take much more. People who do not have education, do not have experience in trading and investing practice, they will lose all their dollars. The bitcoin project will leave ordinary people with empty pockets, I will even say more, this project will remove the last pants from people in a place with pockets and drive people into debt !
This situation we are seeing now in real time, it is a situation of zombies and deprivation of mind and sanity, who have not yet understood what bitcoin is. What we see now, people bought bitcoin for $ 20,000 per coin - in fact, the air !!! These people will never be able to sell at this price... They just smart people took the money. Now bitcoin is constantly going through the stage of forks... What is forks-is the division of the whole into many pieces. Example, in normal life you see like a falling glass jar and breaks into many small fragments, and you understand that it is bad and the Bank will not be able to perform the same function. I then have a question, if you are a normal person, when there was a fork of bitcoin, what is it ? And we need to squeeze more money out of the air from ordinary people, but then there are no questions, let's deceive people again and come up with explanations for forks... Here arises logical consequence of, when have forks will end all reasonable words, we as let us to call forks ? bitcoin is a stone, bitcoin is a nail, or bitcoin is a chair... No, this is not absurd, this is what we are seeing with bitcoin now, and it happens in real time on the Internet...
If you're not already part of the bitcoin craze, get involved and lose your dollars  thanks to your genius school education

P.S. the Article is relevant only at the time of its writing, and at the time when you read it. I will not be able to answer your questions and provide you with all the documents with confirmations and seals. Because all this information is on the Internet. Just don't be crazy. I want you to take a sober view of the situation.


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