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The Future of Digital Currency. CloudCoinWiki Part I / All About CloudCoins

CloudCoin: The first-ever cloud-based digital currency.
Which cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or permanently lost. CloudCoin transactions are 100% private. CloudCoin requires no public ledgers, accounts, or encryption. CloudCoin cannot be brought down by governments, hackers, or nuclear weapons. This level of security is provided by the patent-pending RAIDA technology.
RAIDA: (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents)
The Counterfeit detection system used by CloudCoin. It is made up of 25 independent RAIDA network administrators (Sentinels) which guard as many as 800 Independent Detection Agents. The RAIDA was designed to be a Global Counterfeit detection system. It can detect the authenticity of a CloudCoin in less than a second.

What Makes CloudCoins a Viable Money?

For any currency to be viable, it must meet the following characteristics:
  1. It must be difficult to counterfeit, lose or destroy.
  2. There can be only one owner of each unit.
  3. The owner must be able to establish that they are the owner.
  4. The owner must be able to transfer ownership.
  5. The monetary system cannot be involuntarily destroyable. In other words, it must be safe from nuclear bombs, world wars, rogue governments, hackers, terrorists, and any mayhem imaginable.
There are only two technologies today that can do this: Blockchain (used in all cryptocurrencies) and RAIDA (only used in CloudCoin). However, Blockchain is vulnerable to destruction. The way the nodes are paid for, the long block chains used to track ownership, the accounts that are required to make it work (if everyone in the world was to get an account the Bitcoins public ledger database would become too large) and finally the encryption technology used in Bitcoin is not quantum safe. The Quantum computers that are being created now can hack Bitcoin’s public ledger and that makes Bitcoin worthless. Bitcoin is also difficult and time consuming to use. It is bother!

CloudCoin is designed to be a milestone in human development. It is the next generation of currency based on new philosophical thinking about how money should be:
  1. A monetary system is an information system. Like a database that tracks how much we contribute to the economy and how much we should get out.
  2. Money is data. We people are like rows in a table. But, instead of having number in cells, we have tokens in our pockets. We create a physically implemented database and money represents the data.
  3. Good money is the same as good data. We can apply the laws of databases to monetary systems. Because of this understanding, computer scientists were able to design CloudCoin to be perfect. It certainly is the most perfect currency ever created.
  4. The most important component of a monetary system is the human brain. Money is used by humans to economize. Our brains use math to calculate the best course of action. We examine prices, compare them to savings and project based on earnings.
  5. Without good money, our economies would collapse. Money is the glue that organizes society. Good money makes good society.
  6. The value of money does not come from what it is made of. The value of money is based on how good of data it is and how well it allows us to make good economic decisions. Good money is true. Good money has integrity: phyical and logical.
CloudCoin is nothing like Bitcoin and runs on a very different underlying technology. Instead of using Blockchains, CloudCoin uses RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). This technology and associated processes have patented with the United States Patent office and the words CloudCoin have been registered (applied for) as a trademark. CloudCoin is the first easy to use currency that will allow people to make purchases while sitting at their computers or cell phones using cash. There are only 168 different currencies on the planet today. If we are correct in our assumptions, CloudCoin will be the dominate currency very soon...

How Many CloudCoins Are There?

There are 1,428,160,512 CloudCoins or roughly (1.4 billion). All CloudCoins were minted in August 2016. This is called the "Zero Month."

Can the number of CloudCoins grow?

The number of CloudCoins is fixed but there is one way the number can increase. It is called "splitting." This is part of the built-in CloudCoin protocol. The protocol requires that if the value of CloudCoin be sustained at $2 or more, that the infrastructure must be cloned enough times to bring the value down. We can take the entire RAIDA infrastructure and clone it. By doing this we achieve many good things and the value of CloudCoin will actually go up. First, each person's CloudCoins will split in the same fashion.

Suppose the price of CloudCoin went to $2.10. The Consortium advises the RAIDA to clone 10 times. So that there will be 10 clones. The infrastructure will then grow by 10 and so will the administrators. So there will be 10 times the servers and ten times the RAIDA admins. Each owner of CloudCoin can then run a splitting feature that will be published in the CloudCoin Core software in the future. The user will then find that they have ten times the CloudCoins.
Like stock splits, the increased amount of CloudCoin should bring the value down to 1 tenth. Or from $2.10 to $.21. But it is doubtful that this will really drop the value that much because the smaller units of account should make CloudCoin easier to use. The increased network infrastructure will add fault tolerance to the whole system as well as improved performance. So the total value the people have will go up.

Can there be fractions?

Yes. But we are trying to avoid this for now. We have CloudBank software that allows there to be CloudCoin banks and these banks can issue fractions of CloudCoins. These fractions would be good only at the banks that issued them but could be quickly converted to whole CloudCoins assuming you had enough.


Denominations allow for more efficient storage, transportation and authentication.

There are 2,097,152 Ones

There are 2,097,152 Fives

There are 2,097,152 Twenty-fives

There are 8,388,608 One-hundreds

There are 2,097,152 Two-Hundred and Fifties.

You can tell what your CloudCoin is worth by looking at its serial number:

1 through 2097152: Ones.
2097153 through 4194304: Fives.
4194305 through 6291456: Twenty-fives.
6291457 through 14680064: One Hundreds.
14680065 through 16777217: Two Hundred Fifties.

CloudCoins can be embedded in any jpeg. This makes them fun and marketable. Just drop you custom jpegs into your template folder and rename them to the standard names. For example, if you want a image to be used as at 250 notes, you must rename it jpeg250.jpg. When you export your jpegs, you will see the serial numbers printed on the front.

Release Schedule

CloudCoins are divided into 60 tranches. One tranche is scheduled to be released every month for 5 years 60 months).
The first tranche as released January 2017. The last tranche will be released December 2021.
The largest denominations will be released first.
Amount of CloudCoins Released:
January 2017: 23,000,000
December 2017: 285,632,102
December 2018: 571,264,204
December 2019: 856,896,307
December 2020: 1,142,528,409
December 2021: 1,428,160,512 (All CloudCoins Released)
December 2022 1,428,160,512 (No Change)

What about Change?

Suppose you want to buy something that costs 100 CloudCoins but you only have a 250 note? CloudCoin software will take your 250 note and send it to a change server and return to you smaller denominations. With CloudCoin, change is handled automatically and transparently.
Consortium developers have released the beta version of CloudCoin Wallet several days ahead of schedule.
The software is available for download here:
Users will need to have or install:
Java Runtime Environment
Skywallet is an important new component in the wallet software, that enables CloudCoins to be used more efficiently, including functionality to make change, merchant payment acceptance, exchanges, stores and allowing currency to crossover into video games and other programs.
This application provides the ability to rapidly and securely transfer authentic coins from person to person," Consortium Lead Scientist Sean Worthington said. "No email or other file transfer systems are needed.
We have been working to create a very reliable and flexible system of making change. We are now on the 4th iteration. We have figured out the perfect system of making change. With the new system, everyone can have a change folder in their wallets that will automatically give change if the sender does not send the exact amount. And we will be able to make change without needing an ID or skywallet account. It will take less than 2 seconds as apposed to the 4 seconds that it now takes. Also the new system will be built on the RAIDA so that it cannot go down or become unavailable. We will be able to make smaller change and exchange smaller bills for larger ones. This will make everything more efficient and really make CloudCoin awesome. It will also make is much easier to become liquid and integrate with merchant systems. We expect this to be in the new CloudCoin Wallet very soon.
It will take less than four seconds for your application to send your CloudCoin to the CloudBank and have them returned and ready to spend. Much easier than physical change. Unlike physical change, the buyer will get the change instead of the seller.

This application provides the ability to rapidly and securely transfer authentic coins from person to person. No email or other file transfer systems are needed. What makes Skywallet so powerful is that like RAIDA, it cannot be brought down because, like RAIDA, Skywallet has data supremacy.

✅ Allows users to send CloudCoins to each other quickly and securely through SkyWallets.
✅ Enhanced UI/UX with similar look and user-experience across platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, etc.).
✅Optimized efficiency that reduces measured CPU usage to 0%
✅A vault to eliminate any possibility of theft.
✅ Ability to automatically recover coins by email.
✅ Easily make change/split notes.
✅ Support for collectibles, a decentralized exchange and ATM functionality.
✅ Support for merchant services.
✅ Crossover currencies for games and other apps.
✅ Multi-fix functionality that can fix thousands of fracked coins within seconds.
✅ Multi-language support/localization.

Value of CloudCoins

No one individual sets the value of CloudCoin. They are worth different amounts to different people and this value can change dramatically over time. Right now CloudCoins are worth something to some people. The value of CloudCoin will always be based on Supply and Demand. There is no limit to how high or how low CloudCoin can be worth. The value is set by the Market.

Buying and selling CloudCoins

How can I exchange my CloudCoins for the money used in my country?
CloudCoins are much easier to buy than Bitcoins, gold, silver and money foreign to you. There are no exchanges that require months to sign up for and no software that takes 24 hours to download. And you don't have to leave your house! CloudCoin is designed to allow people to buy within minutes.
Good News: now we are working on own exchange! We are now officially in the Liquidity phase. This is when we make it so our coin can be changed into goods, services and other currencies very quickly. Projects include the P2P Exchange, The Escrowed Exchange, The Craigs-List type Store, the Merchant software, APIs and Video games. The Peer To Peer Exchange: the backend and front-end business layer are 95% done. The GUI for the P2P exchange is 50% done. Then we need to add payments systems. We think that P2P exchange will ready for testing in just a few weeks. The Merchant Software: Creates a "Pay With CloudCoin" button. It is completed and now in testing. We will need to improve it over time.

Also you can sell your CloudCoins to anyone in the world at any time - day or night using CloudCoin Wallet.

We will release the final version of the CloudCoin wallet very soon. The software has the "Trusted Transfer" technology also known as Skywallet. Trusted Transfer will not allow you to send counterfeit coins. Trusted Transfer will not allow you to receive counterfeit coins. This means that we can send and receive coins without any risk of someone falsely claiming that they received counterfeit coins. You should use Trusted Transfer when ever you send coins to someone you do not trust. You do not have to provide any private information to send money. To send money, you do not need to register or become a member with a username and password. Sending money is completely anonymous. However, receiving money requires that you have a CloudCoin. When you choose a CloudCoin to recieve we call that a "SkyWallet." We can associate a friendly name with the CloudCoin serial number in a DNS server of your choice. Right now we offer names on the domain for free. But, any domain is possible.
There are already many web sites on the Internet in every nation that are ready to sell your CloudCoins for you.
You will never have to go through an exchange and you can set your own price.
Our goal at the CloudCoin Consortium is to make a digital currency accessible and usable for everyone regardless of experience. We believe that a digital currency should be easy to use by people from every walk of life as well as have the best security and privacy available anywhere.
Can you use social media such as Facebook? Can you send and receive email on a computer? Can you add attachments and locate a file? If the answer is Yes, then it sounds like you already have the skills needed to operate the NEW CloudCoin Wallet Software! A basic knowledge of computers is required. If you have downloaded CloudCoin Wallet, we assume you have already learned a little about CloudCoin. This Guide has instructions with explanation and some key screenshots to help you navigate and use the software.

Also you can find more information about our technology under the links:
The secrets of money have been discovered.
Monetary systems are, in fact, information systems. They are accounting systems that help humans economize. Like all animals, humans must economize to survive. Monetary systems allow each of us to make decisions to coordinate our actions and to optimize.
Join computer scientist Sean Worthington as he shows you the possible futures of digital currencies. One where prosperity explodes and people live free and in control of their lives. Another future where blockchain socialists track every purchase you make and take your money to give to others.
Read about Worthington's invention: CloudCoin that provides a theoretically "perfect” global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost. With CloudCoin your exchanges are 100% private, requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption. CloudCoins form a monetary system that is fair and ethical and requires no special software or downloads, and, like the Internet itself, cannot be brought down by governments, hackers or even nuclear weapons.
In this articles, we will explain why people must be interested in digital currencies. We will cover the problems that digital currencies face. And we will tell you how these problems have been solved by this new counterfeit detection system, and how RAIDA technology has been used to create CloudCoin.

Sean H. Worthington PhD ABD for CloudCoin Consortium.

To be continued ...



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