The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced, and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at our California HQ and remotely. Compensation-Is in CloudCoins. *RAIDA network02 system administrators *Social Media pros and community managers *Marketers and PR experts *Content creators *Web developers *Filmmakers and video specialists *Graphic designers *Writers and bloggers *Attorneys/Paralegals *Grant Writers *Software developers/programmers *Software testers for all operating systems *Software solutions salespeople *Minecraft developers/modders *Electron programmers *HR/personnel professionals *Accounting/bookkeeping professionals


CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 76

Client software in final phase
The CloudCoin 'advanced client' software is near completion, according to the developers. The User Interface (UI) design is complete. The wire frames have also been completed after months of design, test and re-design. Developers are attaching code for particular software functions. There are a few recovery pages that still need to be added on the back end ,then everything will be turned over to artists to improve the user experience. A test version of the console edition is available on GitHub.
Exchange news
Major developments were announced this week about the creation of digital currency exchanges that will trade CloudCoin and tokenized equities using RAIDA-based technology.

The founder of the exchange network was featured on the Digital Frontier News webinar . Initial planned locations include such jurisdictions as Panama, India, then later Colombia and Malta, all of which were described as being very receptive to digital currency trading.
The exchanges will the first and only places to trade post-blockchain properties and further enhance the awareness value of such assets and the advantages of the underlying technology, whether they be RAIDA-based coins ( CloudCoin ) or RAIDA-based assets ( tokenized securities ). The exchanges will also trade existing blockchain-based currencies, meaning users can trade CloudCoin for bitcoin and vice versa.

The integration of RAIDA technology with the existing Modulus trading platform could be completed in 60-90 days.
More RAIDA Detection Agents live
The first cluster of RAIDA Detection Agents are now all online.

The Detection Agents nodes make the RAIDA network more robust and more secure. There will ultimately be over 800 new nodes (32 Detection Agents for each of the 25 main RAIDA servers). The long-term goal is to even have nodes in space as micro-satellites!

Detection Agent owner-operators receive compensation for maintaining node uptime and will receive a percentage share of paid network traffic. If you would like to own a node, email here .
CloudCoin Events
CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington was a featured guest at EOS World Expo this weekend in San Francisco.

Sean shared how CloudCoin can be used in conjunction with existing cryptocurrencies to make them faster, safer and more private and will took part in a pitch competition about the RAIDA-based EOSStealth project.

Sean has also been invited to return as speaker to FreedomFes t this summer in Las Vegas, where he will join panelists Jeffrey Tucker and Naomi Brockwell, both major names in digital currency. CloudCoin made a big splash as a major sponsor of the event last year.
Ace Fogerson will speak about CloudCoin's role in protecting freedom and privacy during the Libertarian Party convention next month in Wilmington, NC.
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The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at California HQ and remote.

  • Attorneys/Paralegals
  • Grant Writers
  • Software developers/programmers
  • Software testers for all operating systems
  • Minecraft developers/modders
  • Electron programmers
  • HR/personnel professionals
  • Accounting/bookkeeping professionals
  • Marketers, social media pros and PR experts
  • Software solutions salespeople
  • Filmmakers and video specialists
  • Writers and bloggers

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