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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 77

Design samples show new client software wallet functions
The CloudCoin 'advanced client' software incorporate a wallet that makes it easier than ever to transfer funds.

It allows users to send CloudCoins to each other quickly and safely through Trusted Transfer accounts.

Internal testing is ongoing and the software should be released in May.
Earth Day highlights eco-benefits of RAIDA and CloudCoin
Earth Day was marked internationally April 22, and it is a fitting time to reflect on the positive contributions RAIDA technology can make toward environmental protection.

The waste and inefficiency of bitcoin and other blockchain endeavors are estimated to annually consume more 70 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity, which is more than the entire nation of Ireland, with Bitcoin alone accounting for 57 TWh . A single bitcoin transaction uses as much energy as 300,000 Visa transactions. Cryptocurrency mining creates as much as 15 million tons of carbon dioxide , the same as 1 milllion cars. The blockchain proof-of-work mining process also creates tons of waste in the form of discarded ASIC hardware, power supplies and cooling equipment that often has a lifetime of a year or less.
RAIDA-based technology uses just the smallest fraction of the energy required by blockchain and is at least 41,000 times more energy efficient. RAIDA nodes can be completely solar powered. CloudCoin transactions require exchange and authentication of tiny 400-bit files, while bitcoin requires universal updates of its 160 GB blockchain. CloudCoins aren't mined and there's no special equipment going to landfills.

CloudCoin is the only eco-friendly digital currency.
News Roundup

Fraud and deception is impossible with CloudCoin, and CloudCoin is the only truly and fully anonymous digital currency.

The advent of super-powerful quantum computers is coming sooner than anyone had predicted. CloudCoin is the only quantum-safe digital currency.
Life isn't all about digital currency...
This was a great week for hockey fans in two of the regions where the CloudCoin Consortium has key operations, with two dramatic Game 7 wins Thursday during the first round of the NHL playoffs.

The Carolina Hurricanes upset the defending Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals in the 'Canes first playoff appearance since 2009. They advance to face the New York Islanders for an Eastern Conference semi-final series.
The San Jose Sharks defeated the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the reigning Western Conference champs after scoring an amazing four goals during a single third-period power play opportunity. The Sharks will battle the Colorado Avalanche in second round action.
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The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at California HQ and remote.

  • Attorneys/Paralegals
  • Grant Writers
  • Software developers/programmers
  • Software testers for all operating systems
  • Minecraft developers/modders
  • Electron programmers
  • HR/personnel professionals
  • Accounting/bookkeeping professionals
  • Marketers, social media pros and PR experts
  • Software solutions salespeople
  • Filmmakers and video specialists
  • Writers and bloggers

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