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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 74

April Consortium Report
RAIDA Network

New Sentinel/Detection Agent software has been completed and it is being deployed it to the first 32 detection agents.  This new software is different because it was custom made. It does not require web servers or databases. It runs in RAM. It is possible for the Sentinel/Detection Agents to handle eight million transactions per second, fast enough to handle the entirety of global transactions. Two programmers are working independently to create their own versions of the software so that if there is a bug in one code, it does not affect the others. These projects are well underway.

There is now a new backup CDN so that if the DNS name is compromised or if CloudFlare goes down, all systems remain working. This is significant in that it eliminates any systemic risk to the availability of the RAIDA.
Trusted Transfer

A major goal has been achieved by developing and deploying the first Trusted Transfer Cloud called Trusted Transfer Clouds allow people to make change automatically and to send, receive and transfer CloudCoins without using email or other messaging systems. In the future there can be thousands of Trusted Transfer Clouds each run by different organizations and serving different purposes. Future Trusted Transfer Clouds could potentially be used for investment, loans, exchanges, stores, collecting donations, fractions of CloudCoins and all kinds of things not even yet imagined.

The cloud is significant because like the RAIDA, it uses 25 servers all over the world in different jurisdictions. It cannot be tampered with, hacked or brought down by governments. As you may know, I have discovered 16 different exotic data structures. The Blockchain is the first. The RAIDA is the second and the Trusted Transfer Cloud uses a third. Once we are able, we will release the code to allow anyone to put up their own Trusted Transfer Cloud.

The new Cloud makes it easy to trade CloudCoin within video games and on websites. We have made three attempts in the past to create trusted transfer servers but they were just too cumbersome and difficult to make work. This is the first time we have a real-solid trusted transfer server that is easy to use and indestructible. Now it is deployed globally and it works!
Advanced Client

I had hoped we would release the Advanced Client January 15, but were delayed. We decided to put some extra time in Advance Client so that it pretty much has all the features we want and that we can then move on to other projects. We tested the Advanced Client UI and people hated it. So we learned from what people had to say and recreated it again. Then we showed it to people and they still hated it, but less. So we learned and made a new UI. Now we are close to having something that is very nice that people will love!

CloudCoin is going to dominate. But we have to do what we have to do. Satoshi Nakamoto spent two years developing his code before he released bitcoin into production. I released CloudCoin after just one month of creating the Founders edition client. We are now two years into development. We have all been working for CloudCoin to be successful. Mark my word, you will be rich for that.

The new Advance Client allows CloudCoin to live to its full potential. We can make CloudCoin theft-proof. We can automatically recover coins with email. We can fix hundreds of fracked coins within seconds. We can also connect to a trusted transfer server and upload and download coins.
Other News

A new exchange is in development that is going to revolutionize the buying and selling of CloudCoins so they become liquid globally. The new exchange will allow people to list their coins for sale and sell them automatically. People who want to use the exchange will need to log in using CloudCoins and pay a membership fee. It will also have a very effective peer review system. I think this exchange is going to work and it will be a big deal. It will allow people to buy CloudCoins in exchange for almost anything like PayPal, Bitcoin, Stripe, checks or hundreds more. So many options that it cannot be stopped. And it is all legal because it is peer-to-peer. There are no privacy issues like all other exchanges! Because the CloudCoins are actual stored on the users’ machines, there cannot be any billion dollar heists.

Later, there will be a store and classified ads. People will be able to list their goods and services for sale. People will be able to use the Advanced Client to connect to the store of their choice. The ultimate goal is to create a system that, like the RAIDA and Trusted Transfer, cannot be brought down by any government, hackers or thieves. This new classified ad system is essential to developing community. Imagine a store that cannot be brought down? We will start using the power of the RAIDA.
Thanks to the Trusted Transfer Servers, we will soon be able to release a "CloudCoin Pay" button that will make it very easy to accept CloudCoins on a merchant site. We will also have SDKs for video games long delayed because of the lack of the Trusted Transfer Server.

There are five phases of CloudCoin. The first is the RAIDA, the second is Client software, the third is Liquidity and the fourth is Marketing. I believe that in the next two months we will have the first three phases done and will be able to move into marketing. When we market, all will change.

We are on track for some explosive growth. We are going to change the world. Thanks for your continued support!
Sean H. Worthington
Lead Scientist
CloudCoin Consortium
New options coming for saving, recycling CloudCoins
CloudCoin users will soon have a new option for long-term holding without having to "re-pown" coins, and the same new protocol will allow CloudCoins to be used as short-term authentication tokens then recycled.

CloudCoin was designed to require users to periodically (at least every two years) renew ownership as a way to prevent the kind of permanent loss that occurs with non RAIDA-based digital currencies. Many users have found this requirement confusing or a potentially risky "expiration date" that could be overlooked.

An early workaround to this concern was the introduction of system to allow users to link an email address to the coins, but this required a trade-off where users would sacrifice a degree of anonymity in exchange for not needing to re-pown their coins.

The new system, called a "savings code," adds a small piece of code, like "9473fe48," inside a CloudCoin Authenticity Number. The last two hexadecimals represent a certain number of months the user would like to "save" the Coins without needing to be re-authenticated, with the downside that the user cannot recover any lost coins until that number of months have passed (rather than a fixed 24 months as it now stands).

There are plans to include this "savings code" option in the new Advanced Client and let each user decide how often they would like to re-pown their coins.

This system has another benefit in that it allows quicker recycling of CloudCoins that may be used as one-time authentication tokens. Single-use codes can be added to Authenticity Numbers that allow RAIDA admins to recover and recycle those coins after each use.
New avenues to reach CloudCoin Support team
The Consortium Support team has added a new help portal accessible from the website. They've also added a new email m . They continue to maintain a Helpline at +1 530.762.1361.

They currently offer support in six languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, Cebuano and Vietnamese.

Congratulations to longtime Consortium member and Support Engineer Fel Noval on being promoted to Assistant Global Support Manager!
Poll results
What should be the Consortium's #1 priority?

Increasing the trading value of CloudCoin - 35.2%
Creating greater utility for CloudCoin - 23.9%
Releasing more/better software for banking/storing/trading CloudCoin - 21.1%
Generating greater general awareness about CloudCoin - 19.7%

How do you personally use CloudCoin?

Holding long term as store of value - 79.5%
Buying or selling goods/services - 8.1%
Other - 6.5%
I don't use CloudCoin - 5.9%

How many CloudCoins have you acquired?

More than 100,000 - 37.9%
1001 to 25,000 - 23.6%
25,001 to 100,000 - 20.3%
Prefer not to say - 9.9%
1 to 1000 - 5.5%
None - 2.7%

Are you a Member of the Consortium?

Yes - 39.6%
No - 36.9%
No, but I would like to be - 23.5%
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The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at California HQ and remote.

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  • Software developers/programmers
  • Software testers for all operating systems
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