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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 70

CloudCoin founder talks liquidity
[Below are excerpts from recent comments by CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington on the liquidity and utility of CloudCoin, with specific attention paid to why he believes CloudCoin will become more liquid.]

CloudCoin is an experiment and we ‘don’t know until we know’ about its interaction with other currencies and markets. There are a lot of positive reasons to believe liquidity will increase for CloudCoin, and CloudCoin has a great deal of utility as a store of value and as a tool for wealth management.

CloudCoin is easily transported . Unlike gold, silver or paper money, CloudCoin can be transported very quickly or even automatically. This means that it is very easy to acquire by just clicking a few buttons. This is a boost to liquidity. People hoard their gold, silver or paper currency because it is just too cumbersome or costly to physically move it in order to use it. CloudCoin solves that problem.

CloudCoin allows for greater choice . The types and variety of vehicles available to money managers and investors have grown dramatically, as has the ease in which they can engage. This increases the likelihood of people to find vehicles they can trust and in which they are willing to participate. A person in India, hypothetically, could invest in Australian gold mines or Nebraska corn futures at the push of a button.
Trust, expense and knowledge are the major barriers to freeing up investment capital. CloudCoin and other technological innovations help ease those concerns. Online trading reduces expense. CloudCoin can be easily transferred by email or text. The internet allows anyone to have the kind of information at their fingertips that once only market analysts possessed. Companies, intuitions and investment vehicles now have online reputations, posted metrics and reviews, and other feedback that helps to elevate trust while reducing risk, uncertainty and anxiety. CloudCoin can facilitate simple, fast financial transactions between people or entities with complete trust and security.

Government has been the slowest institution to adapt to the digital age. Arbitrary regulatory actions, reactions and over-reactions remain the biggest cause of uncertainty. CloudCoin solves this problem by creating a monetary system that doesn’t need government involvement or intervention and doesn’t have all the major drawbacks of bitcoin or other blockchain-based currencies, such as the lack of scalability, slow speed, eco-harm, inefficiency, high cost, and quantum safety.

CloudCoin will help usher in a new banking paradigm . Some have questioned whether CloudCoin's fixed supply would limit liquidity. CloudCoins will likely be fractioned by private banks that will issue fractional units based on their own supply of CloudCoin. This has replaced the original concept of “splitting” CloudCoin (increasing the total supply by a certain multiple), which was poorly understood by stakeholders. Fractions accomplish the same purpose, keeping utility for CloudCoin at the merchant level as it grows in value. For example, suppose I want to buy an apple at the store priced at $0.50 at a time that the value of one CloudCoin is $2.00. I would need to pay the merchant 0.25 of one CloudCoin. Fractions enable this and allow a new level of participation for a new kind of bank.
Legislation to authorize creation of specialized digital currency banks is already pending in several jurisdictions, such as in the State of Wyoming in the US. The private banks will issue their own digital fractions of CloudCoin, backed by the bank’s own CloudCoin holdings and the faith consumers have in that particular bank. The use of any fraction issued by any bank would be purely voluntary, and CloudCoin users will select which bank they want to use or whether they want to use a bank at all. These banks will be all about liquidity. Like all banks, they will find success by making capital available as loans or investments that, in turn, create economic growth, substantial improvements to civilization and advances in technology. Private banking frees economies from the boom/bust cycles created by central banks.

CloudCoin thus helps achieve the goal of keeping certain financial and governmental institutions from stealing value from the system. New ideas and new leadership are needed in the financial system. CloudCoin will help pave the way toward a completely new banking paradigm in which users can have greater faith and trust, and one that will help grow economies, foster prosperity and boost opportunity for all.
CloudCoin among pitch finalists at Wolves Summit
Consortium European marketing guru Adrian Niculescu will present an on-stage pitch about CloudCoin during the Wolves Summit , in Warsaw, Poland March 19-20.

CloudCoin was among the top 50 entrants selected from a pool of hundreds, and is the only non-profit entity, with the rest being startup companies. Thispitch gives Niculescu the opportunity to share CloudCoin's message, gain brand awareness and attract new coin users. Past Wolves Summit pitch contest winners include Naga Group and CardioCube .

Niculescu will separately appear on stage to share CloudCoin's unique post-blockchain technology and its many benefits, and will take the opportunity to network with the 2500 attendees.
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The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at California HQ and remote.

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  • Software developers/programmers
  • Software testers for all operating systems
  • Minecraft developers/modders
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