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New Year's Message from Sean Worthington 61

Dear Consortium Members and Supporters:

Welcome to 2019!

A dark force has been eroding the fabric of civilization for centuries.
There is a war being waged between good (peace, liberty and opportunity) and evil (tyranny, collectivism and authoritarianism.).
In my own country of the United States, this war began with victories, like the triumph of the American colonies over Hanoverian King George’s Britain. It continued through the American Civil War, which pitted freedom against slavery.
The mainstream media, Hollywood elites and big government politicians try to paint a different picture. Through control of public education and popular culture, they’ve conducted an Orwellian re-write of history.   They’ve made Alexander Hamilton—the most anti-freedom of America’s Founding Fathers—into a Broadway musical hero. Economics and regionalism, not slavery, are taught as the reasons for the American Civil War by “progressive” schools controlled by public employee unions. They indoctrinate children to believe society’s problems stem from inequality rather than the many limits on opportunity placed by government.
They label anyone who disagrees with them as “fascists” and mustered armies of so called “anti-fascists” (Antifa), ready and willing to use violence as a means to advance their Marxist agenda.
But tyranny isn’t the biggest threat to civilization.
The US government is currently shut down because the two political parties can’t agree--one is the party of liberty and one the party of government.
But political parties aren’t the biggest threat to civilization.
The cultural divide today is not between north and south, but between urban/suburban and rural/exurban. Between the city and the countryside. Rural inhabitants are losing their manufacturing jobs and have to travel farther to find work. They must compete with immigrants for homes, roads, food and jobs. Immigrants overwhelmingly stand on the side of the city folk as a threat to free market capitalism and the freedom of civilization. 
But immigrants and the city/country divide aren’t the biggest threats to civilization.  
The Yellow Vest uprising in France consists of delusional environmentalist urbanites who think the best thing for humanity is more fuel taxes fuel and unlimited immigration. They blame capitalism for problems and call for socialism.
But capitalism isn’t the biggest threat to civilization.
Civilization is under attack from those who don’t believe in freedom. Authoritarian governments like China are seeking to systematically undermine and destroy free market businesses. Marxists and jihadists openly try to destroy traditions that have stood for thousands of years.
But Authoritarians, Marxists and jihadists aren’t the biggest threats to civilization.
So what is the biggest threat to civilization?

It is our own current monetary systems.
It may seem unbelievable, but money tells us what do every day of our lives. It affects our behavior in ways we don’t even notice. Yet our monetary systems are being hacked by banks and governments. These hackers live in cites, not in the countryside. They are stealing value that they should not rightfully have. These monetary systems print money every time someone makes an irresponsible loan. No one takes more irresponsible loans than city governments. This new money goes to the city folks first. It causes them to think they are doing better and be wasteful living better than they should. The people in the countryside experience the opposite. They create goods for people who have not earned those goods. The rural people are getting ripped off and they don’t even know it.
The people like the Yellow Vest movement in France don’t know what their problem is or how to solve it. In the next few years, we will tell them what the problem is and we will tell them to how to escape the plantation by using CloudCoin for everything. The plantation owners are not going to like this message. They will come at us. We need to be ready and we will need to be invulnerable.
I believe we are heading from some real trouble in the next six years. These problems will reduce the value of fiat money. The dollar will be damaged but probably not as bad as other currencies. Currencies like the Euro are catastrophes waiting to happen. Fiat currencies are going to be used as tools by bankers to manipulate politics all over the world, resulting in a decline in value.
So what is the good news?
The good news is that CloudCoin can set things right. We kick off the New Year 2019 having made very exciting progress. We have raised money to help develop RAIDA technology and strengthen everything that we are doing.
We have a number of plans and projects that will most certainly make CloudCoin the best choice.
We are creating new services on the RAIDA that allow the RAIDA to act like our CloudBank software. It allows people to store, transfer and make change on the RAIDA itself. They will even be able to donate to the RAIDA. Now people will be able to transfer CloudCoins in a split second with no need to spend time powning.
We are going to make a Celebrium-backed replacement for Patreon. People will be able to buy digital collectibles with a celebrity’s image. Then CloudCoin owners will profit. Because we are actually selling collectibles, the entire legal structure is different. We cannot be easily blocked and it also takes CloudCoins that are highly available for purchase. Get ready to start selling CloudCoins again!
We are creating a new development platform called RAIDA Realms. This will allow people to create their own applications like Facebook, YouTube and chats. We will have the most secure chat ever! Development is scheduled to start on Jan 8.
We will be moving CloudCoins into physical goods like sports memorabilia. We pretty much already have the deals. We just need to execute them. This should cause CloudCoin to skyrocket.
CloudCoin has survived the worst digital currency bubble in human history. There is nothing worse that can happen. We are on the road to freedom.
Happy New Year and thank you so much for being part of that journey!

Digitally Yours,
Sean H. Worthington
Lead Scientist
CloudCoin Consortium



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