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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 40

CloudCoin trading on BitShares moves closer
A website depository allowing CloudCoin users to exchange CloudCoin for tokens that can be traded in the BitShares ecosystem will be online soon, CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington announced this week during aspecial Wednesday edition of CloudCoin LIVE! .

He outlined the process for converting CloudCoins, which involves creating a BitShares account, downloading a BitShares wallet, then uploading CloudCoins to the new depository. Once verified, the user will receive BitShares CloudCoin tokens in their BitShares wallet. Those tokens can then be exchanged for a wide variety of assets within the BitShares ecosystem using their Decentralized Exchange (DEX). More information here .

CloudCoin LIVE! will air again on Wednesday (August 15) next week.
Worthington also shared more details about plans for an company independent of the non-profit CloudCoin Consortium that will develop other applications for RAIDA technology. He said the new company has already received about $40,000 in pledged investment.
CloudCoin events & appearances
CloudCoin was represented at the MasterMind Summit in San Diego, Calif. earlier this week. Sean Worthington took the opportunity to meet (and play golf!) with leaders like BitShares' Stan Larimer (pictured below) and others, including several celebrities.

"Everybody is realizing that CloudCoin is the most private currency. And that is a really big deal," Worthington said of his trip, adding that most blockchain transactions allow others to see virtually every element of the transaction and the user's holdings. "With CloudCoin we're able to solve that problem. For those who want privacy, CloudCoin really gives them an edge."
Worthington is also scheduled to speak at The MoneyShow in San FranciscoAuguste 23-25 and at BlockCrypto 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil in September.
Worthington also appeared today on the Hollis Chapman Show on Blog Talk Radio, where he shared the revolutionary value and advantages of CloudCoin with Chapman's listeners.
Meanwhile, Adrian Niculescu , CloudCoin's Europe, Middle East & Africa representative, will appear at the Mauritius Blockchain Conference August 13. Adrian has been invited to address a conference in Madrid, Spain in October. He is also organizing the Central & Eastern European FintechWeek expo/conference/hackathon, scheduled for late October. Busy guy!
Quantum-safe blockchain alternatives explored
CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington was a special guest on Blockchain Weekly, a live interactive video chat Aug. 8. The broadcasts reach 10,000 or more viewers.

Worthington shared with the live audience the dangers that quantum computers pose to current encryption methods that underlie blockchain technology. Quantum computers may have as much as 100 million times the computational power of current technology and will make encryption (and therefore distributed ledger technology) obsolete.

Blockchain Weekly's unique format allowed guests, hosts and participants to appear together live via Video of the event should be posted soon here .

Big improvements coming for CloudCoin support & help functions
CloudCoin support is expanding its global tech support and help team. The support team at CloudCoin's North American HQ has new team members, a new email address and new telephone number +1 530.762.1361 that will be online next week.

CloudCoin has also launched a new Russian language support team. They can be reached by email at or by telephone
at +7 952.9384269.
Congrats to the Chico Heat
CloudCoin HQ's hometown baseball team the Chico Heat won the Great West League title Thursday. The Heat topped the Lincoln Potters 8-7 in game three of the championship series. It is their second title in three years and third consecutive appearance in the GWL championship series. Congrats to ManagerFred Ludwig and all the Heat players and staff!
Want to work for the Consortium? We're hiring!
The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for qualified Electron programmers. Click 'reply' with a resume to inquire.


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