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CloudCoin Weekly Bulletin 38

CloudCoin roadshow continues
Last week, Las Vegas. This week, Chicago. Coming up, San Francisco, Mauritius, São Paulo, Madrid and more!

Our Cloud People continue to spread the word across the globe about the world's fastest, most efficient and most private digital currency.

CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington spoke at Trader's Expo this week in Chicago. He was interviewed on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by Fox Business' Phil Flynn . Sean is scheduled to speak at The MoneyShow in San Francisco next month and at BlockCrypto 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil in September.
Meanwhile, Adrian Niculescu , CloudCoin's Europe, Middle East & Africa representative, will appear at the Mauritius Blockchain Conference August 13 on the heels of participating in the Wealth365 conference along side long-time CloudCoin booster Kevin Harrington. Adrian has also been invited to a conference in Madrid, Spain in October.
Videos of Sean's presentations at FreedomFes t are now available at CloudCoin social media sites .
CloudCoin continues to have huge transactional volume
CloudCoin had over 58 million transactions during the past 30 days. CloudCoin transaction records, unlike blockchain transaction, aren't logged in any kind of public ledger so no one--not even the CloudCoin Consortium--knows who bought or sold CloudCoin and for what prices. CloudCoin provides financial privacy surpassed by any other digital currency.
We do know there were 58 million password-owns ("powns") during the past 30 days, meaning 58 million coins changed hands and were authenticated and had their passwords updated by the RAIDA system.
RAIDA can process at least 160,000 transactions per second--meaning the current system, without any further scaling, could potentially allow for 7 billion transactions per month--one for almost every person on the planet. We've only scratched the surface of what RAIDA can do!

CloudCoin now accepted for payment at VOMI
CloudCoin continues to gain new users and new avenues for spending.

The Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI) and its related entities now accept CloudCoin for payment--including leadership training, certifications, seminars and other events.

Read more here about VOMI and a great testimonial about CloudCoin from VOMI founder Pierre Coupet .
Don't miss CloudCoin Live! today at 8 pm Eastern time
Sean Worthington will brief everyone on the latest happenings today during Episode 19 of CloudCoin Live! at 5 pm PDT (8 EDT, 12 UTC).

Topics include Q&A and updates on CloudCoin activities.

Watch for the start of the broadcast by logging on to CloudCoin's Facebook page .

If you missed last week's broadcast, find it here . Past broadcasts and many other videos are available on both our Facebook videos page and YouTube Channel . CloudCoin videos are also now available on Roku devices and smart TVs on the AMFM247 Roku channel.

Special best wishes to CloudCoin Live! producer Kenyata Dibiase for a speedy recovery after a recent traffic accident. Get well and keep up the good work!
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