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Weekly Bulletin 34

RAIDA may now be fastest system on Earth
CloudCoin's RAIDA system has now fully upgraded its backbone using the Aerospike satabase. This has improved the internal performance of the RAIDA clouds to handle as many TPS (transactions per second) as it could ever need (at least 160,000 TPS) and may make it the fastest system in history.
For comparison, Visa tops out at 24,000 TPS. Bitcoin is a sluggish 7 TPS.
New default CloudCoin images being launched
A new design for the One CloudCoin note has been unveiled with a custom version just for FreedomFest 2018.

Users remain able to customize their CloudCoin with any image they desire (and soon any type of digital file, including MP3).

New default One CloudCoin has an image of China's " Tank Man " (also known as the "Unknown Protestor" or "Unknown Rebel") and bears the motto: "Live free or die: death is not the worst of evils."
Tank Man is the brave civilian who stood in front of a column of tanks sent to repress freedom of speech at Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989. Tank Man represents the power one individual can have in the defense of freedom.

The quote is by American Revolutionary War General John Stark , later echoed by Patrick Henry 's "Give me liberty or give me death."
Deadline tomorrow to save $100 for FreedomFest
CloudCoin is a diamond sponsor at FreedomFest July 11-14 in Las Vegas, where thousands of people from throughout the world will gather.

The deadline to register and save $100 with the code CLOUDCOIN is June 30.

CloudCoin will have a double-sized display booth in a prominent section of the exhibition hall where visitors can speak with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington , RAIDAQ President Jacob Hodges and others.
Worthington is scheduled to present his Theory of Perfect Money during a breakout session on Friday. The disruptive power of CloudCoin and its ability to transact privately will be highlighted by Sean during the general session Thursday. Worthington will join panelists exploring the transformative potential of CloudCoin during another offering during the general session Thursday. See all CloudCoin events here .
Celebrium , the digital collectibles based on CloudCoin and RAIDA technology, will be showcased during the event with customized Celebrium collectibles available featuring FreedomFest speakers and organizers like the sample below:
Watch CloudCoin Live Episode 15 today
Don't miss today's CloudCoin Live, which will begin today at 5 pm PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT, 12:00 p.m. UTC).

CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington will update viewers on CloudCoin activities and discuss upcoming events, including the new Aerospike RAIDA backbone, BitShares, FreedomFest and the Chicago Trade Expo. Sean also will answer questions from viewers.

Watch for the start of the broadcast by logging on to CloudCoin's Facebook page .

If you missed last week's broadcast, find it here . Past broadcasts and many other videos are available on both our Facebook videos page and YouTube Channel . CloudCoin videos are also now available on Roku devices and smart TVs on the AMFM247 Roku channel.

Plans are underway to present CloudCoin Live in other languages at times targeted to global audiences.
Appearances, upcoming events & announcements
July 11 is the target date for CloudCoin integration into the BitShares ecosystem, allowing anyone to buy and sell CloudCoins using that platform and greatly expand liquidity options.

Digital currency analysts will be watching the launch closely to see how the first public trading affects the volume, trading price and market capitalization of CloudCoin.
CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington will be a keynote speaker at the Chicago Traders Expo July 22-24.
CloudCoin's European Marketer and Business Developer Adrian Niculescu will speak about transforming CloudCoin into a widely adopted global digital currency at Mauritius Blockchain Conference August 13.

RAIDAQ CEO Sean Worthington was interviewed by Authority Magazine 's Yitzi Weiner for a profile about leadership style and management skills.

Sean Worthington also appeared this week on Michael Yorba on CEO Money broadcast and with Dr. Letitia Wright on the Get Crowdfunded Now podcast. These were both second visits for the hosts, showing how much the viewers and listeners responded to his first appearance.
An anonymous CloudCoin supporter in Vietnam posted an interesting video  about the disruptive power of CloudCoin, complete with presenter in a Guy Fawkes mask (audio in Vietnamese).
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