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Your Weekly Bulletin 30

CloudCoin Trusted Transfer escrow launches

CloudCoin's Alexander Miroch has developed a new cloud solution for person-to-person transfers using CloudServer technology, offering an additional option for transfers beyond email.

Trusted Transfer acts as a trusted third party escrow service to authenticate ("pown") the CloudCoin files/stack files, so both sides of the transaction know the assets are legitimate and ensure both sides receive the proper outcome of the transaction. Transfers will take milliseconds.

Users can test the web-based interface now. The technology is also being fast-tracked as a plug-in for the next edition of CloudCoin client software.
Check out CloudCoin Live today
Don't miss CloudCoin Live today, which will begin today at 5 pm PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT, 12:00 p.m. UTC).

CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington will give updates about RAIDA, upcoming developments for client software, collectibles offerings and other news.

Log in to CloudCoin's Facebook page to watch for the start of the broadcast.

If you missed last week's broadcast, it is available here . Past broadcasts and many other videos are available on both our Facebook videos page and YouTube Channel .

CloudCoin videos are also now available on Roku devices and smart TVs on the AMFM247 Roku channel.

Plans are underway to present CloudCoin Live in other languages at times targeted to global audiences.
CloudCoin exploding in Vietnam
Just weeks after the launch of a new effort to promote CloudCoin in Vietnam, the team there is reporting tremendous excitement.

Check out this slick video they produced to promote CloudCoin there.

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The Consortium's primary website, is undergoing a major redesign. We'd love to get your feedback as we move forward in building a newer site with a more modern look/feel and greater functionality.

In the media this week
CloudCoin was profiled in WealthProfessional Canada, a publication reaching 15,000 financial advisors and wealth planners in Canada.

CloudCoin founder Sean Worthington was the guest of Michael Yorba on CEO Money on the iHeart Radio network, potentially reaching 100 million listeners.
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CloudCoin Consortium members regularly post fun and informative content on Instagram. Follow CloudCoin here.
Want to work for the CloudCoin Consortium? We're hiring!
The CloudCoin Consortium is still interested in finding a qualified Electron programmer. We're accepting applications now for contract positions that can grow to full-time.
Learn more at Cloud Service Academy

CloudCoin users can still get special introductory educational packages from the Cloud Service Academy . Starter kits now include even more software, books, videos and spendable CloudCoins.



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