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Your Weekly Bulletin

CloudCoin Live today
Catch the excitement of this week's CloudCoin Live broadcast, which will begin soon at 11:00 a.m. PDT (2:00 p.m. EDT, 6:00 p.m. UTC). It will feature a live report from a scenic spot near CloudCoin's California HQ. Log in to CloudCoin's Facebook page to watch for the start of the broadcast.

If you missed last week's broadcast, it is available here .
CloudCoin founder addresses Canadian investment conference
CloudCoin's Sean Worthington was a keynote speaker and panelist at the annual conference of the Private Capital Markets Association in Toronto this week. PCMA repesents dealers, issuers and industry professionals.
CloudCoin to be integrated with Godot game engine
CloudCoin will soon be the in-game currency of choice for developers (and players!) of games and apps using the popular Godot engine. Game players will be able to earn or spend CloudCoin both in-game and offline, further cementing CloudCoin as a versatile crossover currency. Godot is an open source 2D and 3D cross-platform compatible game engine. Go here for a showcase of Godot games.
Virtual mall shoppers will be able to use CloudCoin at will officially become the first online retailer to accept CloudCoin as payment. Implementation is expected within the second quarter of 2018.

XYZBUYS is the anchor tenant of a virtual shopping mall along with 130-plus name brand and specialty retail stores featuring over two million products, in additional to products and services offered by hundreds of XYZ affiliates.

CloudCoin lead scientist Sean Worthington discussed this major advancement on a recently aired "The XYZ Radio Show" on iHeart Radio.

"CloudCoin's speed and versatility will make it a standard of commerce with viable market liquidity," Worthington said. is a virtual mall similar in concept to or Amway with $1 million-plus software developed over two years to accept millions of distributors.
Readers' Corner
Reader Coleman D. of Hawaii, USA writes," Hey. I got five free Cloudcoins and glad to get regular updates about what you folks are doing. I might want to get more coins, but not sure how best. There seems to be lots of different sites for buying and selling these coins. How can we tell which ones are legit?"

Thanks for reading! There are indeed many websites buying and selling CloudCoin, and almost all are run by legitimate CloudCoin Consortium members. In many cases, buyers want to deal with sellers in their own country and using their own currency. The Consortium has sanctioned two international exchange sites. The newest is , a peer-to-peer marketplace for transacting CloudCoin. The older, but still active site is , based in Switzerland, where the Exchange Master will assist matching buyers and sellers.

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