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Your Weekly Bulletin

CloudCoin wowing game developers
CloudCoin has been a major presence at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week demonstrating how CloudCoin can be integrated into games and apps as a crossover currency.

At least three gaming or VR companies have agreed to use CloudCoin in their projects and many others expressed interest in learning more about CloudCoin's speed, security and versatility.

About a dozen CloudCoin staff were on hand to meet with prospective partners among more than 25,000 GDC attendees. The team broadcast a short live update Friday morning as the debut of "CloudCoin Live," which is planned as a regular, ongoing weekly event.

CloudCoin founder will address Canadian investment pros
Sean Worthington has been invited to speak at the 2018 Private Capital Markets Conference in Toronto April 12.

“Clearly, digital currencies are here to stay, and we are pleased to present an innovator like Sean who is on the cutting edge in this space. It is an exciting opportunity for conference attendees to take advantage of his knowledge, experience and expertise,” said Doug Bedard , PCMA Chair.
How-to video available for new CloudCoin MacOS software
The Consumers Edition for MacOS launched last week (download software) , and a new video guide is already available.
CloudCoin founder on Small Business Advocate show

Sean Worthington made his second appearance as a guest of Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate Show March 19 . The program airs nationally in the US and globally online. Sean and Jim discussed the advantages CloudCoin has over other digital currencies including efficiency, quantum safety and Eco-friendliness.
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Learn more at Cloud Service Academy

CloudCoin users can still get special introductory educational packages from the Cloud Service Academy . Starter kits now include even more software, books, videos and spendable CloudCoins.



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