The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced, and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at our California HQ and remotely. Compensation-Is in CloudCoins. *RAIDA network02 system administrators *Social Media pros and community managers *Marketers and PR experts *Content creators *Web developers *Filmmakers and video specialists *Graphic designers *Writers and bloggers *Attorneys/Paralegals *Grant Writers *Software developers/programmers *Software testers for all operating systems *Software solutions salespeople *Minecraft developers/modders *Electron programmers *HR/personnel professionals *Accounting/bookkeeping professionals


Your Weekly Bulletin

CloudCoin excitement
CloudCoin featured at asset summit

CloudCoin's Andre Babaian is a prominent speaker at a unique conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA today. The summit brings together key stakeholders in both digital currency and precious metals (such as gold and silver) to explore synergistic ways in which the two sectors can cooperate, such as using CloudCoin/RAIDA-backed Silver Certificates as a means of exchange and as a store of value.
News wrap-up

The media continues to expose problems with Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Here are some links:

CloudCoins can't be lost. They work in the Cloud. Merchants can process them in milliseconds. They are 100% quantum safe. They can't be hacked. They are private and don't require a public ledger.
You will soon be able to exchange CloudCoin in virtual space

CloudCoin developers are working to allow virtual money to be used in virtual space. CloudCoin has partnered with VR firm ChicoHolo and hopes to launch a prototype in early 2018.

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