The CloudCoin Consortium is on the lookout for proven, experienced, and qualified individuals with a passion for digital currency. There are both full-time and part-time openings at our California HQ and remotely. Compensation-Is in CloudCoins. *RAIDA network02 system administrators *Social Media pros and community managers *Marketers and PR experts *Content creators *Web developers *Filmmakers and video specialists *Graphic designers *Writers and bloggers *Attorneys/Paralegals *Grant Writers *Software developers/programmers *Software testers for all operating systems *Software solutions salespeople *Minecraft developers/modders *Electron programmers *HR/personnel professionals *Accounting/bookkeeping professionals


Your Weekly Bulletin

CloudCoin excitement
New CloudCoin multi-detect algorithm speeds along
The CloudCoin multi-detect algorithm, developed for last month's Consumer Edition authentication software release, has authenticated millions of CloudCoins in just milliseconds per note, a speed 200 times faster than earlier versions. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about the new speeds.

News media uncovering Bitcoin & blockchain weaknesses
Several media outlets this week reported on growing problems with Bitcoin, Ethereum and their blockchain technology. Here are some links:
An estimated $30 billion in Bitcoins may be lost forever
Up To Four Million Bitcoins Gone Forever
Mining Bitcoin Costs More Energy Than What 159 Countries Consume in a Year
Parity Hack Shows the Ethereum Ecosystem Is Flawed in Big Ways
Is Quantum Computing an Existential Threat to Blockchain Technology?
CloudCoins can't be lost. They require almost no electricity. They can't be hacked. They are 100% quantum safe.

Useful CloudCoin links
Readers have asked for the best sources of information about CloudCoin. Here are some useful links:
Comparing CloudCoin and Bitcoin
About the RAIDA system
CloudCoin marketplace
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Remember that Bitcoin trades for over $10,900, but started out exactly where CloudCoin is now!



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